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if Rent x Carnet Jove Andorra


Hello, road adventurers! If you are a young lover of travel and are in possession of the Carnet Jove Andorra, today we bring you exciting news that will surely make you smile. if Rent has partnered with Carnet Jove Andorra to offer you exclusive discounts for renting cars and vans. Want to know more about this amazing collaboration? Continue reading!

Carnet Jove x ifrent andorra 15% discount for holders of the Carnet Jove Andorra

How about a 15% discount on your next car rental? Sounds great, right? By presenting your Carnet Jove Andorra , you can get a 15% discount on the rental of passenger and cargo cars and vans at if Rent . This means you can save significantly on your road adventures, whether it's for a move, a holiday in the mountains or an exciting road trip.

Terms of Use

To take advantage of this exciting discount, there are a few conditions you need to keep in mind:

- Driving Experience: You must have at least 2 years of experience with your driving license. This condition ensures that drivers are experienced enough to operate our vehicles safely.

- Holder of the Carnet Jove: The driver who rents the vehicle must be the holder of the Carnet Jove. This ensures that the discount is exclusive to young people who are active members of the program.

Use the Carnet Jove Andorra Discount Code

The process is simple. Simply make your reservation on our website and use the discount code provided by the Carnet Jove Andorra application during the reservation process. Then, make the payment on the day you pick up the vehicle at our offices on Carlemany Island. That easy!

Valid for European Youth Cards

While this offer is especially exciting for Andorran Youth Card holders, here's great news: it's valid for any European Youth Card! So, if you are a young adventurer visiting Andorra or even if you are a resident of another European country, you can still take advantage of this amazing discount.

The perfect opportunity for your adventures

Whether you need a spacious car for a move, a van for an exciting getaway or a comfortable vehicle for a family holiday, this collaboration between if Rent and the Carnet Jove Andorra is the perfect opportunity to save on your road adventures.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, reserve your vehicle at if Rent and hit the road in style. Enjoy the exclusive discounts we offer you and create unforgettable memories on every trip.

We are waiting for you at if Rent, ready to be part of your adventures!