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The deductible is an amount of money that the renter must bear in case of damage to the rented vehicle. It is like a maximum financial liability in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle. To reduce this deductible, renters can choose to pay an additional daily rate.

For example, if the excess is initially €600 to €1200, the renter can choose to pay an additional daily amount to reduce it to €350. And with low range reduce it to €0. This gives tenants the peace of mind of having less financial responsibility in the event of an incident.

You have no time limit, you can book even today for next year or maybe today for tomorrow. What do you need?

All our vehicles are insured against theft and against all risks with a deductible (LDW+TP) that varies according to the vehicle group.
€600 per stroke for MBAR, MCMR, MFMR, EDMR, EDAR, CDMR and CLMR.
€750 per stroke for IDMR, IVMR, SVMR, SFMR, SWAR, FDMR, FVMR, PDAR and PFMR. €1200 per shot for XFAR.

Additional deductible reduction covers can be contracted at ?150 and ?300 (Top Cover LDW).

The price varies depending on the vehicle.
Vehicle type Franchise Price per day
M.B.A.R 150.00 15.00
MCMR, MFMR 150.00 17.00
EDMR, EDAR, CDMR 150.00 19.00
CLMR, CFMR 300.00 22.00
IDMR, IVMR 300.00 24.00
SVMR, SWAR, SFMR, FDMR 300.00 26.00
PDAR, FVMR, PFMR, XFAR 300.00 30.00

In addition, it is possible to contract the elimination of the franchise at ?0 (Super Top Cover LDW). The price is an additional ?10 per day for each group of vehicles.

This cover can only be contracted if you have previously contracted Top Cover LDW. Additional tire and glass protection coverage (GT) is offered to If Rent customers and the price is ?20.00 per rental. This price could vary depending on the type of vehicle and the tires.

In Andorra the following rules govern the minimum age and possession of a driving license: 21 years/ 2 years for vehicles from the MBAR - FVMR groups 25 years/ 3 years for vehicles from the Premium, Luxury and Extraordinary groups (Pxxx, Lxxx and Xxxx)

Drivers between the ages of 21 and 25 are charged an additional young driver fee of €5.00 per rental day.